TurtlePay® JavaScript Widgets

This repository is the hosting location for any widgets available at https://widgets.turtlepay.io.

Contribution Guidelines

If you submit a new widget for inclusion in the repo, please do so in the following manner:

1) Create a new folder for storing your widget

2) Create a README.md file in the folder with, at minimum, your GitHub username, as well as any other contact information you may wish to share such as repository URLs, support email addresses, the widget project site, an overview of your widget, etc.

3) Include the minified and unminified script(s) in the folder such that the minified file ends in .min.js and the unminified ends in .js

4) Additional assets/resources can be included in your folder for distribution via the CDN used to power the widget

5) Original works (aka. code) must be licensed under the AGPL-3.0 and creative assets (artwork, images, etc.) must be licensed under GPL-3.0 or another compatible license.

6) All third-party resources that are submitted to the repo, including assets/resources, must have a GPL-3.0 or GPL-3.0 compatible license and such licenses must be adhered to.


1) Avoid global browser scope

2) Review articles such as 20 Best Practices for Improving Javascript Performance to produce lean and mean running browser code.

3) Have a fun time! We’re excited to see what you can build.

(c) 2018-2019 TurtlePay® Development Team